Java based library for printing reports

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JReporter is a Java class library to ease the development of Java applications which provide printing capabilities.  It is designed to provide the following features: 


Interface for Data Provides an interface for printing data from various data sources.  This relieves the need to copy data into new data structures just for printing. This is in much the same spirit as JTable/TableModel
Interfaces for printing Intelligent layout agents which allow complex layouts on a page. 
Default Implementations Default implementations are being written to provide flexible printing formats.   The DefaultDataItem knows how to draw data on a report, in addition to drawing borders around the data, padding data cells with margins, and performing justification.
Report Classes Classes will be provided which allows a programmer to put various report items together and print them out as a group. Report are themselves ReportItems, so it is quite easy to construct a large report which is itself a set of sub-reports
Dialog Framework A framework is provided for extensible report setup dialogs, including page setup information. Programmers can write classes that will easily work with the existing dialog.
Basic Reports Basic reports which can be used directly without learning much about the underlying structure of the system.

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